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Record Releases May 3rd

We have some new releases ready to go for this Friday, May 3rd!

The new releases are all over the board! I am most excited for the Dua Lipa album. I am picturing my Friday night dancing to this record with my daughters and wife! Judith, my 5 year old attempts to memorize all of the radio jams! I'm looking forward to this.

Dua Lipa is back with her latest LP! Houdini and Training Season are finally available on a LP to listen to! These ear worms have only been available on streaming services but now you can spin the party at your house! Just beware, once you start spinning these you'll start grooving! When you start grooving you'll end up dancing! Then you'll get thirsty and want a lemonade from Solar Roast or a cocktail from Analogue! Then you'll find yourself dancing and having a great time with us on Main St!

If this sounds at all like the "If you Give the Mouse a Cookie" books then you're our people!

Come start the adventure with us!!

Frank Turner's Undefeated contains his latest single: Girl from the Record Shop! This catchy tune is pure punk pop joy. His English accent comes through on these jams. 14 new songs on either black or purple vinyl. This album was recorded at Turner's home studio and is his first non-studio effort in 10+ years.

Sia's latest effort, dubbed Reasonable Woman will hit shelves at 10am! This Chandelier singer is back with another fresh set. I'm unsure on this SIA LP. We all remember that dancing video on Youtube and love the heartfelt singing. I will give this a spin and see what happens. What do you all think?

The Reissue for K-12 by Melanie Martinez has been finally reissued on black vinyl.! Available previously on CD and colored wax. Damn if this isn't super catchy. I hadn't even heard of Melanie Martinez until early 2021 after Jessi and I opened up Analogue. People started requesting it and I was skeptical at first but Teacher's Pet is a sensational! This is a superb release and should be in your collection.

Genesis has so many familiar favorites! This collection has more of them in any one place than ever before. Not my jam, but a fan favorite.

Green Day Warning!!! Pressed on fluorescent green vinyl for the first time! Originally released in 2000 reissued this Friday!

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