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Checkout This Week's New Book Arrivals!!

New Beach Reads are arriving weekly! There are lots of new Contemporary Romance novels for your upcoming vacation!


Very Bad Company by Emma Rosenblum Genre: Mystery Thriller

The executives at a tech start up gather for an exclusive retreat in Miami. Caitlin Levy has joined the trendy company as Head of Events. After the first night, a high-level executive vanishes. What is the fate of the company's future? Can they keep the charade that everything is fine amid the fatal accusations?


A Good Life by Virginie Grimaldi Genre: Fiction

This book is Virginie Grimaldi's debut American novel. She is one of France's top contemporary novelists! "Full of humor and compassion, a profound exploration of sisterhood, healing and the ineffable beauty of life." Sisters, Emma and Agathe haven't been involved in each other's lives for some time but they must return to their beloved grandmother's home in the Basque Country. This book takes us through their lives from childhood to present day. "How can the scars of the past be healed and what, in the end, is a good life."


The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton Genre: Chick Lit, Romance

"A struggling event planner and a sinfully hot astronaut must decide if their fake relationship is worth a shot at happily-ever-after, in this starry debut."


Love at First Book by Jenn McKinlay Genre: Contemporary Romance

Emily Allen, a librarian, moves to an Irish Village to help her favorite author, Siobhan, finish her last novel in her acclaimed series. Siobhan is determined to finish the novel despite being ill. Emily doesn't expect to fall for grouchy bookstore manager, Kieran, who is also Siobhan's son. If you're looking for a slow-burn enemies to lovers book, this is the one for you!


The House that Horror Built by Christina Henry Genre: Gothic Horror, Thriller

Harry Adams takes a job cleaning the house of a horror director, Javier. The house is filled with freaky props and costumes. Javier became reclusive after a family tragedy and scandal caused him to vanish from the industry. One day Harry hears noises coming from behind a locked door. Is that someone calling for help? There seem to be unsettling secrets hidden in this mansion.


One Last Shot by Betty Cayouette Genre: Contemporary Romance, Italy

Emerson and Theo made a marriage pact when they were teenagers, now that her 28th birthday is around the corner, this is their chance to see if this is their chance at love. They meet up in Cinque Terre, Italy. Theo doesn't seem as excited to see Emerson as she hoped and roadblocks keep separating them. Will they fall back in love or will they say good bye forever?


The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren Genre: Contemporary Romance

Anna Green and Liam "West" Weston get married to qualify for subsidized family housing while at UCLA. Unbeknownst to her, Anna and West are still married 5 years later due to a clause in West's grandfather's will. He is one of four heirs to the Weston Foods conglomerate. The family pressures him to bring his mysterious spouse to his sister's wedding. Anna must pretend to be a posh and rich instead of the feisty, foul-mouthed, paint-splattered person she is.

Notes from Jess: This story was a fun read! I enjoyed every minute of the book.


Come down to the bookstore to see all the other excellent titles we have waiting for you.

~Jess Hartkop

Instagram: @analoguelifebyjess

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