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Analogue is pleased to present the next edition to our rotating local art series! 
Artist: Sophie Fernandez 

Here is a message from the artist:

“I cannot imagine a life without the mind-numbing, wonderful obsession of creating.”

-famous French-American artist Louise Bourgeois


I find myself calling myself a creative more than an artist these days. Not because the word artist is “bad” but more for the fact that it is a limiting description to what I actually do. When I find something that really interests me, I go all in -spending a ton of time learning, practicing and mastering a craft. I am an artist, but within that a fiber artist, illustrator, graphic designer as well as a writer, a crafter, a costume maker, a teacher, a cook, a baker, and many other things that I become obsessed with. 


Recently, I love to create through illustration and painting. My preferred media for traditional 2-D art is watercolor, ink, pastel, gouache and acrylic paint. I love experimenting with media, to find exactly the texture, color or pattern that I am looking to accomplish. I am very much a process artist as well, the journey is almost always better than the result for me.

I recently fell in  love with creating purely digital art and using it to make stickers and prints. I also am perfecting the art of creating the perfect pop up booth to sell my wares at local markets. I also sell my stickers and prints on my online store, The Paper Ghost, so we can add website designer to my list of abilities now . 


Most of these  illustrations are usually offshoots of my more quirky and nerdy side- mainly silly, niche interest or fandom based artwork. I get really excited when I create artwork inspired by some of my favorite books, movies and trends!


I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do, and I hope that you find something that makes you happy, inspired or at least makes you giggle.  Thank you so much for and please feel free to follow my creative journeys here: 


Instagram :  @signal.of.spirit 

Tik Tok: @signalofspirit 

The Paper Ghost Shop:

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